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All entities dealing with new technologies in Poland are invited to submit a membership declaration to the Blockchain and New Technologies Chamber of Commerce. The declaration does not involve any costs or the obligation to pay membership fees – only the founding members have the option to voluntarily pay membership fees.
Only until July 3, 2018 (Tuesday), it is possible to become a founding member of the Chamber.
Why is it worth joining IGBiNT?
First of all, because so far innovative technologies have not had their own chamber of commerce in Poland, which could represent the interests of: innovative companies, software houses, innovators, startups, individual investors, business angels and venture capital funds. The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Blockchain and New Technologies aims to represent the voice of the Polish innovative industry in European institutions, the Polish parliament, the Sejm, the European Union, state institutions and offices. We are convinced that joint activities and mutual education are the key to the development of innovation in Poland. In Poland, establishing a dialogue and supporting the regulator in the area of ​​new technologies has never been so necessary.
What will IGBiNT do?
The Statue of the House is on this page. A detailed plan and schedule of the Chamber’s activities will be adopted jointly by all founding members at the first general meeting after official registration with the National Court Register.
The goals of the Chamber are:
1) representing the economic interests of its affiliated entities towards state bodies and local government;
2) promoting the development of entrepreneurship and the free market;
3) shaping ethical principles in business;
4) supporting economic initiatives of members;
5) shaping and disseminating the principles of ethics in business, including the development and improvement of standards of fair conduct in business transactions;
6) organizing and creating conditions for the resolution of disputes by way of amicable and conciliatory proceedings.
The Chamber may achieve its goals in particular through:
a) expressing opinions on projects of solutions relating to the functioning of the economy, in particular related to blockchain technology, digital currencies or other new technologies;
b) participating in the preparation of draft legal acts relating to the functioning of the economy under the terms set out in separate regulations;
c) assessing the implementation and operation of legal provisions relating to the conduct of business activity;
d) participation in legislative work on blockchain technology, virtual currencies and other modern technologies;
e) delegating representatives to participate in the work of advisory and opinion-giving institutions in matters of manufacturing, trade, construction and service activities;
f) participation, on separate terms and conditions, in court proceedings in connection with the economic activity of its members;
g) running economic information systems;
h) conducting advisory activities;
i) running an arbitration court;
j) issuing opinions on the existing business practices;
(k) supporting and financing programs, activities and projects;
l) conducting information and popularization activities in the field of the Chamber’s goals;
m) organizing and financing exhibitions, competitions, competitions, conferences;
n) granting awards, distinctions and scholarships;
o) running, supporting and financing publishing activities;
p) cooperation with organizations and institutions in the subject matter constituting the implementation
the goals of the Chamber;
q) conducting trainings, webinars, face-to-face and online training, workshops and seminars.
Until when can the declaration be submitted?
Until July 3, 2018 (Tuesday). On the website
How to become a founding member?
Download the membership declaration from the home page
Print and fill in the declaration with your organization’s details
Be sure to send the scan by Tuesday, July 3, 2018 to the office’s e-mail address:
Send the original by post to the following address: HWW Hewelt Wojnowski i Wspólnicy Sp.k., ul. Aleksandra Kotsisa 2/4 place 30, 03-307 Warsaw
Wait for the establishment of the Chamber and for an invitation to the General Meeting of members.
As a member of the founding committee of the Chamber, I am convinced that thanks to the integration of the environment we will have a real impact on the development of new technologies in Poland. I invite you to become a member of the IGBiNT.

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