From Web1.0 to Web3.0.

The technological development of the world is constantly accelerating. Various technologies continuously improve the quality of our lives, eliminate systemic irregularities, and enhance work efficiency. Today, technology is present in virtually every sphere of life. In the vast majority of cases, technology brings added value to humanity. However, it also happens that with the advancement…

Equity crowdfunding in sport

Equity crowdfunding in sport   Equity crowdfunding is a relatively new method of obtaining money for the development of a company or project. In many cases, this form of financing is chosen by companies at an early stage of development (startups) taking their first steps in their operations. This is also associated with equity crowdfunding…

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Why you should use equity crowdfunding in the next decade?

Introduction   Equity crowdfunding is a phenomenon that has been exceptionally dynamically developing on all continents since the 10’s of the 21st century. Equity crowdfunding platforms from around the world allow you to make investments in companies that are looking for capital for development in just a few minutes. By 2020, millions of investors from…

Polish Collaborative Economy Honeycomb 3.0

Collaborative economy przechodzi z fazy wczesnej młodości, której początek był w roku 2009, w okres dojrzałości w 2019. W ciągu ostatniej dekady wiele firm wykorzystujących ten model biznesowy rozpoczęło i przeprowadziło globalną ekspansję. Niektóre pozyskały miliardowe finansowanie, wiele sprzedało akcje w ofertach publicznych i weszło na giełdę. Z obiecujących startupów stały się światowymi gigantami. Dziś…

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Is social trading the future of investing?

What is social trading? Each investor chooses a more or less complex investment strategy. Some make their decisions on the basis of fundamental factors and a thorough analysis of financial reports, others try to predict future quotations of instruments by observing their behavior in the past, while others, based on the latest information, follow the…

How DJI, Coinfirm and Uber are exploiting the regulatory loophole?

The pace of new technological discoveries is growing every year. It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the latest technology trends. They appear new, some of them interpenetrate, creating innovative market segments. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, drones, electric vehicles, collaborative economy platforms, virtual reality, autonomous cars, bioengineering, gene editing, fintech, martech, regtech, medtech, insurtech…