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I present to you the latest edition of the Polish Honeycomb, which presents the development of Polish companies using the collaborative economy model in their operation. This year’s edition was prepared in cooperation with collaborative economy platforms: and I am glad that every year new honeycombs appear and new companies are also developing in the already existing segments. This shows the great potential of our Polish collaborative economy market, the development of which is important for the competitiveness of the Polish economy.

In the latest edition, sectors such as: Analitics and Reputation appeared for the first time – for example, the Skillhunt company, which supports the recruitment process from the side of the jobseeker and the employer, using a referral system. We keep our fingers crossed for them!

In the Municipal industry, we present to you an interesting repair platform, which encourages residents to cooperate with local governments in order to remedy various inconveniences that may arise in the area. In the area of ​​Space, many new initiatives have appeared, most of all these are FabLabs, i.e. places where creative people with passions can meet and develop them together. An application has appeared in the Wellness & Beauty industry for the assessment of stylizations reported by users – Qute. On the other hand, the startup Golem appeared in Utilities, which describes itself as “Airbnb for computers” and offers telecommunications services.

The transport market is developing the fastest when it comes to the number of companies – we see a significant increase in companies offering services such as car or scooter rental. The forefront also includes the currency exchange and food delivery industries. See for yourself what the latest Polish Collaborative Economy HoneyComb 2.0 looks like:

HoneyComb 2.0 can be downloaded in full resolution HERE.

For those interested in the pace of development, I attach Honeycomb from the previous year for comparison.


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