Servant leader, Founder, Investor and Chief X Officer with seventeen years’ experience in building, managing & investing in technology businesses including Fintech, Web2.0 (collaborative & sharing economy), Web3.0 (blockchain, artificial intelligence, DApps, CBDCs).

Active investor and advisor in over 40 startups.
Founding Board Member at Blockchain and New Technology Chamber of Commerce.
Advisor to multiple European regulatory bodies. As European Commission Advisor granted over $300M in funding for more than 100 companies. The first Ph.D. of Economics in Collaborative Economy and Marketplaces.

International experience across the EU, the UK, the US, Ukraine & Taiwan.

My fascination with technology started more than 25 years ago. When I was a child, I bought my first computer, which was love at first sight. Later I switched to mobile devices and started my first mobile app company. After founding and building seven technology organizations I became a full-time investor. Today, I invest in those Web 3.0 companies that I believe have the highest potential to succeed and disrupt the status quo.

I believe that the exponential growth of different business models and solutions is the most incredible opportunity in our history. Technology offers us new possibilities for better use of available resources. This is why disruptive collaborative & sharing economy platforms like Crowdcube, Republic, Uber, Airbnb, Kickstarter, and BlaBlaCar were founded. This is why I decided to write my Ph.D. thesis in this field. Today Web3.0 is eating the world. This is why we are building better financial, government, and legal systems by investing in industry leaders like Cryptiony, The Linghos, Texts, Sovryn, Tipolis, Copernic Space, Roots Homes, Founderpool, and many others. We have raised $250M from 130,000 investors providing funding for 100+ companies.

My mission is to inspire & motivate my team to reach ambitious goals.

My career goal is to implement new technologies to optimize business processes and create value.

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Let’s talk about your startup, investment, equity crowdfunding campaign, and Web2.0 & Web3.0.
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Lukas S. Zgiep, Ph.D.